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I have been an Apple fan for a while, a better part of 15 years. I still use my 2005 iBook G4 and Mid 2007 Mac Mini (running Mac OS X Lion smoothly!). I bought an iPad2 (32GB Black) the night they were released. I watched the Fedex website and participated in MacRumors forums with other crazy Apple Fans. I had an iPhone 3G, but needed to move to Verizon for better cell phone coverage, so I bought a HTC Eris. This past spring I switched back to the iPhone 4 on Verizon when I found out I could renew my contract. I haven’t looked back.

Apple’s iOS5 has now been released along side a refresh of their iPhone 4 mobile device labeled “iPhone4S” and Apple survived their first weekend with their new mobile operating system. Apple also released their new “cloud” solution: iCloud (really a reboot of their “MobileMe” solution). Reviews are out about iOS5, iPhone4S and iCloud:
Gizmodo: iCloud, iPhone4S/iOS5
Engadget: iCloud, iOS5, iPhone4S

The main goal of this posting: listing tips and tricks I have found online and some I have discovered myself. Bookmark and enjoy!

iPhone4S tips:

“More Fun with Siri Dictation” by Jim Rhodes, Crush Apps. This link lists all different commands Apple’s new Siri Personal Assistant application understands. Siri is currently in “Beta” and some features are available only in the USA. It has also been reported that Siri does not handle accents very well {yet}.

“How to update Twitter or Facebook with Siri” by CNet How-To Team.  This article shows you how to utilize Siri on your new iPhone4S to post to Twitter or Facebook for you.  It’s a round-about way using the text message abilities of both Siri and the social media apps.

iOS5 tips:

“iOS 5: Exploring 7 Hidden New Features” by Wired

iCloud tips:

More to come soon!

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